5 fun trivia facts about The Blind Side

Darien Summer Nights got off to a great start last Sunday with the music of John Cain and some perfect summer weather at Weed Beach.

This Saturday, July 17th, is our first music and movie event at Tilley Pond Park featuring Doug Allen and the movie, The Blind Side.

The Blind Side stars Sanda Bullock, who won the Oscar for best actress with her performance, Tim McGraw (minus the cowboy hat) and Quinton Aaron as Michael Oher on whom the film is based. If you saw it when it was in threatres, you know how great this movie is.

But I bet you didn’t know these 5 fun trivia facts about The Blind Side.  Did you know:

  • Julia Roberts was offered the lead before Sandra Bullock but turned it down.  I’ll bet she’s kicking herself for that.
  • Lawrence Taylor: The title of the movie is explained by Lawrence Taylor’s sacks.  LT came from the blind side, the side of the field towards which a quarterback is not facing when he drops back and therefore cannot see what is coming.
  • Tim McGraw’s acting debut was in Friday Night Lights, another great football movie.
  • Six real college football coaches make cameo appearances in the movie.  See if you can spot them.
  • Sandra Bullock, in addition to winning the Oscar for best actress in The Blind Side, also won a “Razzie” for worst actress in another movie last year, All About Steve.  I’ll bet she’s kicking herself for that.

So come on down.  Right now, the weather is forecasted to be as good as last Sunday.  Hopefully, we’ll get a little much needed rain between now and then. Here’s the 2 minute trailer.